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ultra fast infrared (UFIR)

For the physical layer ofIrDA technology, the IrDA Physical Layer( IrPHY), there are different encoders for different data rates, ranges, modulations and wavelengths. For Ultra Fast Infrared (UFIR), the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) has specified a data rate of 96 Mbps.

The data rate of UFIR is thus six times higher than the 16 Mbit/s of Very Fast Infrared( VFIR).

The different IrDA variants

The different IrDA variants

Ultra Fast Infrared uses Non Return to Zero Inverted( NRZ-I) and an 8B/10B coding as coding, it works with a Cyclic Redundancy Checksum(CRC) of 32 bits and has a maximum frame length of 32 kB.

As with the other IrDA versions, the IrDA Link Access Protocol( IrLAP) is located on the linklayer and the IrDA Link Management Protocol( IrLMP) on the network layer.

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