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Hewlett Packard graphics language (HP-GL)

Hewlett Packard Graphics Language(HP-GL) is a description language developed by Hewlett Packard for plotters, both pen plotters and inkjet plotters or laser plotters. HP-GL has been adopted and implemented by many other plotter manufacturers and has become the standard language for plotter controls.

HP-GL has a simple structure, the commands consist of two letters, with which, for example, the plotter pen can be moved to the home position, moved, raised and lowered. Since pen plotters are equipped with several colored plotter pens, there is also a command for changing the pen. Other commands include paper size, which is selectable between U.S. A and B sizes and German DIN A4 and A3sizes, and, in the 2nd version, line-specific attributes such as line thickness.

HP-GL supports output from printers and plotters and is used in many CAD applications. The HP-GL format has become a standard for the exchange of graphic files. It is used in CAD systems, among others.

The extensions of HP-GL are *.hpg or *.plt.

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