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A chatbot or chatterbot is a program that mimics human conversation. Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence( AI) and artificial personality and are designed to mimic the way a human thinks and behaves. The conversation partner is not supposed to recognize that it is a robot with a high degree of intelligence.

Chatbots are also referred to as intelligent virtual agents or smart advisors. They are speech and text oriented and use Natural Language Understanding( NLU) and work with automatic speech recognition( ASR). There are chatbots with limited conversation capabilities that only follow programmed scripts. Other chatbots, however, are capable of learning. They are based on supervised learning and use learning algorithms to improve their natural language and expression and to better understand the conversational partner. Moreover, these chatbots use large knowledge bases and answer patterns. Answers that a chatbot can give to questions of the conversation partner are practiced beforehand in preprocessing.

Chatbots are used in messaging, online games, and corporate web presences, among others, but also in digital voice assistants and conversational user interfaces( CUI), where they reduce the complexity of graphical user interfaces( GUI) and establish voice communication between the operator and the computer. They are used in the service area, where they answer frequently asked questions ( FAQ) about service and the operation of products.

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