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clear to send (Modem) (CTS)

  1. Clear to Send(CTS) is an interface control signal. It is part of the modem control in handshake operation as well as the access authorization in the CSMA/ CA procedure. In this procedure, which is also used in WLANs according to 802.11, the station that has a transmission request sends a Ready to Send( RTS). If the transmission path to the receiver is free, it receives a CTS packet in response.
  2. In WLANs 802.11, the Ready to Send (CTS) is used in conjunction with the previous Request to Send (RTS) by the base station to give the requesting station permission to transmit.802.11g uses a corresponding procedure to ensure compatibility with 802.11b devices. A CTS packet is sent before the actual transmission, which the 802.11b clients can follow.
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