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Content is the informative electronic content of a website that has a significant impact on its traffic. Therefore, content can be considered as a commodity that meets the requirements of a website and its target audience. The commodity content, the intellectual informative content, is marketed by brokers and merchants; by content brokers and content syndications.

Content brokers are the brokers between content owners and content users. They receive their content directly from content owners or from content providers and offer it to companies so that their websites become more informative and also rank better.

Content business institutions

Content business institutions

Content brokers market content, which can be current journalistic articles, scientific papers, application-oriented research, lexical works or entertaining information. The content broker uses existing content that meets the requirements of the website, they broker with content-on-demand( CoD), which is made available for a specific duration or as customized content for time-delayed use or secondary use. The content broker negotiates the usage agreements and prices and monitors compliance with them.

The billing models of the content brokers are based on the number of page impressions, the textual volume, the multimedia objects and the term of the contract.

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