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integrated communications cabling system (ICCS)

The TWIST (Twisted-Wiring-Infrastructure-Star-Topolgy) cabling system originally developed by Nixdorf is based on 4- wire technology(FOC) and/or a broadband backbone network.

Former Nixdorf products, Ethernet and Token Ring are supported. The cable cabinets included in the system are prepared for a maximum of 100 connections. Special media converters enable connection to the Nixdorf broadband network (NBN backbone).

The ICCS was developed by Siemens. It is basically based on specially insulated UTP cable and fiber optic cable and supports ISDN, Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, as well as connections from the older Transdata world. Since it was recognized early on that a single type of connector is hardly capable of meeting all requirements, ICCS supports modular sockets into which inserts for the data connectors that are needed at the moment can be plugged. This flexible solution has recently been adopted by other manufacturers as well, since no connector type has been able to clearly establish itself.

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