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low voltage (LV)

In electrical engineering, especially in power grids and in electrical power engineering, the voltage ranges are classified. A distinction is made between low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage.

Classification of the different voltage ranges

Classification of the different voltage ranges

Low voltages include alternating vol tages below 1,000 V and direct voltages below 1,500 V. This includes the mains voltage of 230 V for single- phase alternating current and 400 V for three-phase alternatingcurrent, which is common in low-voltage networks and in households. In addition to the mains voltage, low voltages below 50 V DC or 120 V AC also belong to the low-voltage category.

Above the low voltage are the medium voltages with values from 3 kV to 30 kV, above that the high voltages with values from 60 kV and 110 kV and above that the extra high voltages, which can be between 220 kV and 1.15 MV.

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