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megahertz (MHz)

The unit megahertz (MHz) is the basic unit hertz( Hz) for frequency, prefixed with mega. One megahertz is one million oscillations per second.

The unit megahertz is mainly used in radio technology and communications engineering, since most radio systems operate in the frequency range between 1 MHz and 1,000 MHz. There are the classical broadcast transmission systems for medium wave, short wave and VHF broadcasting, the transmission ranges for terrestrial, analog and digital television, amateur radio, professional radio, trunked radio, BOS radio, CB radio, traffic radio, land radio, marine radio, etc., etc. In addition, near- field communications, mobile radio systems, radio microphones, radio mice, RFID and many other radio systems operate in the megahertz range. As for the wavelength ranges, they are hecta, deca and meter waves.

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