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push-to-talk (PTT)

Push-to-Talk(PTT) is a group call in mobile communications networks in which a subscriber can call a pre-selected group with a PTT-enabled cell phone.

With this mobile communications service, which is comparable to walkie-talkie, a subscriber can establish a group call with several people by pressing a PTT key on the cell phone. Since the transmission is in half- duplex, only one subscriber can talk at a time while the others receive. If several participants press the PTT key to use the voice channel, then the one who pressed first occupies the transmission channel.

Nokia cell phone 6230i with PTT function

Nokia cell phone 6230i with PTT function

The push-to-talk method has been standardized by the Open Mobile Alliance( OMA) and is implemented by various network operators and cell phone manufacturers. It is a low-cost alternative to trunked and private mobile radio. Push-to-Talk is also available as an IP-based voice service for General Packet Radio Service( GPRS) as Push-to-Talk over Cellular( PoC) and also for WLANs as Push-to-Talk over WiFi.

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