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social commerce

Social commerce, S-commerce, can be seen as a symbiosis of e-commerce and collaborative commerce, C-commerce. On the one hand, the mechanisms of electronic commerce come into play, and on the other hand, the collaborative commerce of c-commerce.

S-Commerce uses the social interaction of the participants of social networks and supports the prospective buyer in his decision to buy or sell, comparable to social shopping. S-Commerce uses social media and social networks and their participants for e-commerce.

E-commerce variants

E-commerce variants

In social commerce, individuals' purchasing decisions are influenced by purchase and product recommendations, by influencers, reviews, ratings and comments from forums and communities, by social media optimization( SMO) or by social examples. The difference to social shopping can be seen in the fact that social commerce refers to community networks, collaborative networks, whereas social shopping can be seen as a collaborative action of online shoppers.

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