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systems application architecture (IBM) (SAA)

The Systems Application Architecture (SAA) is a collection of selected software interfaces, conventions, and protocols that provide the framework for developing consistent applications for IBM's major computing environments.

The system application architecture provides consistent application, user, developer, and communications support primarily for PS/2 computers, the /3X and AS/400systems, and /370 series mainframes. The integration aspect is not limited to technical communication, but also provides for a collaborative approach to database design.

In order to achieve this, it was necessary, in the context of communication support, to extend the SNA architecture, which up to now has operated exclusively synchronously, and to structure the top SNA functional layer 7 with the aim of creating, transmitting and processing an electronic document composed of several independent parts for each partner that can be reached in the network.

SNA layer model and SAA functionalities

SNA layer model and SAA functionalities

Practically all network-related developments from IBM are SAA-compliant, especially in the area of Common User Access( CUA). The Networking Blueprint represents a further development of SAA.

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