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telephone number (DN)

The telephone number(RN) is a sequence of digits that uniquely identifies a subscriber line in a telephone or mobile network. It is described in ITU RecommendationE.164, which deals with the numbering space.

In telephone networks, the number is composed of the country code(LKZ), the local network code(ONKz), and the subscriber number( SN). In mobile communications networks, the number consists of the network code (015, 0160, 0162, 0163 and 0170) and the subscriber number, which in turn consists of the block identifier and the terminal equipment number.

In addition to subscriber numbers, there are several service numbers defined by the regulatory authority RegTP for connection network operators, directory assistance services, innovative services, televoting, user groups, virtual private networks( VPN), premium rate services, and others.

Services for service numbers

Services for service numbers

For 0190 numbers, the RegTP has put lists on the Internet showing network operators and providers. This enables customers to claim their rights more quickly in the event of improper use. This number was switched off in mid-2006.

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