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user network (USENET)

Usenet is a data network founded in 1979 by the University of North Carolina and Duke University based on the UUCP protocol( Unix to Unix Copy Program). The community of all UUCP networks is called Usenet.

Usenet is popular mainly because of its discussion forums, especially newsgroups, and was connected to the Internet. The European counterpart to Usenet is EUnet, which began service in the early 1980s.

In Usenet, messages are transferred between servers and between servers and clients using NNTP protocol (Network News Transfer Protocol). The newsgroups are set up on a central server. Posts are forwarded from the clients via the servers to the central server, where they can be managed and retrieved.

Message switching in the Usenet

Message switching in the Usenet

Usenet is a relic from the early days of the Internet that is once again of interest in connection with file-sharing networks. Since the IP address can be filtered out when music is downloaded illegally on the Internet, some providers use Usenet access.

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