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6510 processor

The 6510 is a microprocessor from the 1970s that was used in Commodore's legendary C64 home computer.

Operating at clock frequencies between 20 kHz and 2 MHz, the 6510 from MOS-Technologies had a 16-bit wide address bus and an 8-bit wide data bus, which meant that the addressable working memory was a maximum of 64 KB. In addition, the 6510 had several registers, such as five 8-bit registers and one 16-bit register, two index registers, one status register and an instruction counter. The instruction set consisted of 56 basic instructions. Decimal number processing was supported by special devices.

The 6510 microprocessor was built using NMOS technology and consisted of approximately 5,000 transistors. The successor to the 6510 was the 8502 processor.

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