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HTML editor

HTML editors are utilities with which web pages can be created in HypertextMarkup Language (HTML). HTML editors are divided into text editors and WYSIWYG editors. While the text editors edit texts in HTML source code, the WYSIWYG editors - What You See Is What You Get - focus on the design of the web pages.

The code editor is a simplified form of the Notepad editor and makes it easier to convert texts into HTML, as you can include the framework ofHTML tags and call the tags by clicking on the icons. However, the code editor requires knowledge of HTML.

In the WYSIWYG editor, the HTML code is converted according to the layout of the web page. Such an editor can be used to design web pages with various typographic, graphic, photographic and tabular elements according to a layout scheme, and then convert them into HTML code. You can work directly on the HTML page and see the changes directly. All word processing and desktop publishing( DTP) techniques such as inserting, moving, modifying and copying text, photos or other multimedia elements can be used. The editor generates the corresponding HTML code and Cascading Style Sheets( CSS). WYSIWYG editors can be used directly even by inexperienced users.

There are various HTML editors that can be downloaded as freeware. Among the better known are Front Page from Microsoft, Dreamweaver from Adobe Systems, Adobe GoLive, NetObjects Fusion from Websidepros and SuperHTML Web Studio.

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