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Web pages are individual HTML pages of a website. Such HTML documents consist of files for texts, graphics, video, audio and scripts, which are stored in the web server in the source code. The web pages of a website are hierarchically structured, starting from the home page. A distinction is made between static and dynamic web pages.

Static web pages are HTML documents that can be changed in their structure, content or layout only as a whole document. They are stored on the web server and are loaded as a complete document when called up.

The situation is different with dynamic web pages, which are only generated when requested by the client. With dynamic web pages, the individual multimedia components can be changed and adapted to the wishes and requirements of the respective user. Since dynamic web pages are created for a short time, they can also contain current news or graphics for the weather or of stock exchange prices. The creation of dynamic web pages is supported by programs such as the Common Gateway Interface( CGI).

Functional sequence of a browser input when accessing a web page

Functional sequence of a browser input when accessing a web page

A web page is accessed using the Internet address with the Uniform Resource Locator( URL), the web page is retrieved using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol( HTTP), and the web page is displayed using a browser. When a web page is called up, the web client, which is the browser, passes the Internet address to the web server. This passes the web page as an HTML document to the browser, whose HTTP interpreter interprets and displays the web page.

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