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IT service management (ITSM)

IT service management(ITSM) is the integration of processes and technologies with consideration of the user. It is the basis for a well-functioning IT infrastructure with all the required IT services.

Such an IT infrastructure is based on tried and tested process flows and is geared to the needs of users. It must constantly adapt to their needs, which, as in a control loop, flow into the processor model and continuously lead to improvements. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library( ITIL) is such a de facto standard that works with a corresponding process model. CoBiT and Six Sigma are other technologies used in ITSM frameworks.

IT services are assets that should be used to achieve the maximum benefit for an organization without losing sight of cost control. It is represented in a processor model into which all processes and workflows flow.

An ITSM processor model provides comprehensive, complete descriptions of the company's IT processes. It defines the critical path in the process flow and specifies the areas of responsibility for the individual service elements. This includes Business Process Management( BPM), which can be used to describe and optimize business processes. In addition, ITSM provides the IT organization with standardized processes and supports the improvement of quality standards with Total Quality Management( TQM).

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