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LAN server

The IBM LANServer can be described as a non-dedicated network operating system, but it requires a computer operating system. The LAN Server works with the OS/2operating system and offers, among other things, the functionality of resource sharing. These resources can be files, printers or plotters and serial units.

These resources are accessed via OS/2 or DOS LAN requesters. In resource sharing, the LAN Server takes advantage of OS/2's multitasking capability and its extended memory area.

Conceptually, LAN servers are built on a domain concept. Since a network can be assumed to have resources throughout the network, possibly distributed across several dedicated servers, this network or part of it is grouped together as a group, which is called a domain. LAN servers come in two different versions to meet different user needs: The Entry version and the Advanced version. The Advanced version offers all the functionalities of the Entry version, but also has an extension to the file system and fault tolerance functions.

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