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blu-ray disc ROM (BD-ROM)

Blu-Ray discBD-ROM is a BD variant for storing any data. It is a Blu-Ray disc without a cartridge with a hard protective layer that protects the BD-ROM against scratching and contamination.

The specifications, on which Toshiba, Pioneer and Samsung, among others, collaborated, were finalized in 2006. The first BD-ROM drives were shipped in the same year.

The BD-ROM is equipped with Digital Rights Management( DRM), which prevents copying of the movies. In terms of manufacturing, it is an injection molding technology that allows replication. During manufacturing, the information is injected into the substrate of the first layer. The cover layer overlying the first layer is made of UV-sensitive resin that is cured with UV light. The storage capacity of these replicable BD-ROMs is 25 GB for single-layer technology and 50 GB for dual-layer.

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