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building distribution point

Home distribution systems are the extension of broadband cable networks for the transmission of television programs in the in-house area. The home distribution system is usually set up in a star or tree topology, starting at the home transfer point(HÜP) and ending either at the apartment transfer point(WÜP) or at the junction box in the apartment.

The apartment transfer point is the interface between the home distribution system (HVtA) for cable television and the apartment cabling or the antenna cabling within the apartment.

A home distribution system consists of active and passive network components, including amplifiers that compensate for the attenuation ofcables and connections, the power supply systems, distributors, splitters, connectors, junction boxes and high- frequency cables. The standard star topology of a house distribution system provides for an amplifier at a short distance from the house transfer point, the signal output of which is connected to the distributors for the various floors. The home distribution system can be bidirectional, making it suitable for use with telecommunications services. To support these options, the home distribution system, like the broadband cable network, must have a return channel.

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