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car to roadside (automotive) (C2R)

Car-to-Roadside-Communication (C2R) or Vehicle-to-Roadside (V2R) is a communication concept for traffic engineering in which motor vehicles communicate with infrastructure components installed at the roadside. This concept is also referred to as Car to Infrastructure( C2I). The infrastructure components are Roadside Units( RSU) or Intelligent Roadside Stations( IRS).

In terms of radio technology, Dedicated Short Range Communication( DSRC) is intended for bidirectional communication between the vehicle and stationary infrastructure facilities, but it is also possible via WLANs.

Communication concepts for connected cars

Communication concepts for connected cars

In C2R communication, vehicle data such as speed and direction of travel or visibility conditions are transmitted to the stationary facilities. Via the infrastructure components, subsequent vehicle drivers can obtain information about traffic congestion or road conditions. The C2R concept can also be used to connect to the Internet and to the authorized workshop to transmit error messages.

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