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digital photo frame

A digital picture frame is a display for photos. Unlike a normal picture frame in which a paper photo is framed, the photos in a digital picture frame are shown on an electronic display and can be switched on at a preset interval.

Such a picture frame consists of a TFT display with power supply and memory into which the photos are loaded and stored. They can be retrieved and displayed at intervals. Miniature hard disks or solid state drives( SSD) are used as memory, on which several hundred photos can be stored. The photos are read in from memory cards or via the USB interface. The further development of digital picture frames takes into account photo transfervia the Internet and WLANs, as attachments to e-mails or via the mobile network.

Digital picture frame, photo:

Digital picture frame, photo:

The displays of digital picture frames are about 7" to 15" in size, they have an aspect ratio of 4:3, 16:10 or 16:9 and a resolution of about 800 x 600 or 800 x 480 pixels. Photos can be displayed in common image formats such as JPEG or other formats. Since the aspect ratios of digital picture frames vary, the display of digital photos can be affected by black bars at the top and bottom or left and right edges of the screen.

In terms of use, digital picture frames are also intended to be used by people with little technical ability. For this target group, the pictures can also be downloaded remotely; from the camera phone, smartphone or digital camera using MultimediaMessaging Service( MMS). For this, digital photo frames can be loaded remotely via mobile networks and also configured remotely. Thus, the photo display interval, image format or image size can be optimized. In this case, the viewer does not have to make any settings other than switching the picture frame on and off.

In addition to displaying photos, digital picture frames can be equipped with some additional functions. For example, a printer that can be used to print out the displayed photo, a scanner that scans inserted photos, a streamer for audio and video, and an MP3 player or built-in digital camera.

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