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directory enabled network (DEN)

Directory Enabled Network (DEN) defines an object-oriented information model that describes communication rules in networks. It is an initiative of over 20 companies with the goal of loading user-specific information from other directory systems and networks into a DEN directory via an LDAP3-capable intermediate schema.

The DEN specification describes a schema and information model in which user profiles, applications, and services work together in a controlled manner. The directory service in the DEN information model associates user information with communication rules that are responsible for how objects behave with each other. The Desktop Management Task Force( DMTF) is working to integrate the DEN schema into the Common Information Model( CIM). The DEN proposal is beingreviewed by the DMTF for standardization purposes.

That the DMTF is working on the DEN schema is significant because DEN only works in conjunction with vendor-specific network management systems.

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