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iPhone operating system (iOS)

iPhoneOS (formerly: OS X iPhone) is an operating system from Apple Inc. for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iPhone OS is a variant of Mac OS X and occupies less than 500 MB in the device memory. In total, iPhone OS supports over 30 languages and 40 keyboard layouts.

Services supported by iPhone OS

In addition to telephony, iPhone OS (iOS) allows you to handle email, short message service( SMS) and MMS messages, calendar data and addresses, photos and video, camera, stock quotes, Google Maps, compass, Yahoo weather, multifunction clock, calculator, and iTunes and AppStore. With the iPod Touch, the same functions are available, except for telephony, messaging and the camera.

The iPhone and iPod Touch are operated via finger input on the multi-touch screen and via a motion sensor that reacts to shaking movements of the user, e.g. for the Undo function, playing a new music track in iTunes or for controlling games.

Interface under iPhone OS

Interface under iPhone OS

For entering mails or notes, the keyboard can be operated in portrait or landscape mode. iPhone OS allows cutting, copying and pasting (cut, copy and paste) of text, photos and other content between several applications. The "Spotlight" function known from Mac OS X searches all addresses, mails, calendars and notes on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Calendar data and appointments can be created and synchronized with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. The iPhone's integrated microphone is also suitable for recording voice memos. Video material can now also be edited and cut on the iPhone and "Save as new clip".

Safari web browser

The iPhone OS includes the Safariweb browser, which is also available for the Apple Macintosh and WindowsPC. With Internet tethering, the iPhone can be connected to a laptop via Bluetooth or the USB interface and used as a modem.

As an end device of Apple's MobileMeonline service, iPhone OS offers the functions "Find my iPhone" and "Remote wipe", which determines the location of the cell phone if it is lost or deletes private data remotely.

Since February 2008, Apple has provided independent developers with a software development kit( SDK) for iPhone OS, whose development environment Xcode, written in Objective-C, also includes a simulator for new applications. Today, more than 140,000 apps are available for iPhone OS from Apple's AppStore, which can be downloaded to the iPhone or iPod Touch via iTunes.

In the iPhone 4 version, the smartphone operating system was renamed iOS 4. For the iPhone 5, iPhone OS 6, iOS 6, was developed. Then in 2013 iOS 7 and in 2015 iOS9.

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