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message (MSG)

  1. A message, Message (MSG), is a sequence of signs or continuous functions that represent information based on agreed or assumed arrangements. Priority is given to the transmission of the information directed from the sender to the receiver, which is considered as a single unit during transmission. As soon as a message reaches the recipient, it has fulfilled its task; whether it contains information that is usable for him is irrelevant.DIN defines the word message under DIN 44300 as follows: "Structures of characters or continuous functions which represent information on the basis of known or assumed arrangements and which are regarded as belonging together for the purpose of passing on and are therefore regarded as a unit".
  2. In object-oriented programming( OOP), a message is a request to an object to execute a specific method. A message is addressed directly to an object and has the form of a method call, i.e. it contains the name of a method and possibly necessary current parameters. The method calls caused by messages can return results that are sent back to the sending object. With the static binding the method to be executed at runtime is determined with the translation, while it is determined with the dynamic binding only at runtime.
  3. In the OSI reference model, a message is a message of the network layer or higher layers. These messages are components of the protocols and the higher the protocol layer, the more informative they are.
  4. In a message handling system( MHS), message stands for message. It is a unit of information transmitted by a Message Transfer Service( MTS). A message consists of an envelope and a content.
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