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monkeys audio (APE)

Monkeys Audio is a fast and simple method for lossless compression of audio signals, comparable to the Free Lossless Audio Codec( FLAC). The signals compressed with Monkeys Audio are called APE files (*.ape). After compression and subsequent decompression, they are error-free and correspond to the original music data in all bits.

The sound is not affected in any way. The advantage of such lossless audio compression lies in the reduced audio files and the resulting lower storage space requirements. APE files have a relatively high compression. In terms of use, this compression is comparable to Winzip, but for audio data.

The compression rate is lower for lossless compression than for lossy compression like MP3, Ogg Vorbis or the MPC format. Various downloadable music players can play APE files. As an additional function, APE files can be provided with APE tags, which serve for better archiving and can contain information about the music title, the artist or the recording date.

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