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There are several different payment methods and payment systems for paying for goods and services on the web. The various billing systems range from conventional, classic payment by direct debit, bank transfer, cash on delivery or via credit card and PayPal to modern approaches of online direct debit(OLV) with encrypted Secure Socket Layer ( SSL).

In addition, there are Paysafe cards and payment service providers that handle the entire payment process between the customer and the various payment systems. Since in many cases very small amounts are involved, billing by means of micropayment also plays an essential role in online billing, since direct debit or bank transfer is uneconomical for these very small amounts.

There are various vendor-specific billing systems, such as Apple Pay from Apple as a contactless payment method in stores or restaurants, or T-Pay from Telekom, with which online shopping can also be billed via the telephone bill. Other systems rely on the widely used EC card, to which an amount must be loaded before shopping, or on special Pay cards. If online shopping is done using an EC chip card, however, the customer needs a card reader.

The Paysafecard from the company of the same name works differently. With this card and the 16- digit code printed on it, the customer can shop in e-shops that accept the Paysafecard.

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