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In the advertising server, ad server, the data of the advertisers and their advertising motifs are managed. In addition, the web server controls the advertisements on the web pages and thus optimizes the online advertising. Furthermore, the ad server is used to determine all advertising-relevant parameters such as ad clicks, click-through rates, ad impressions or ad views. For these evaluations, the click tags are transferred, collected in the ad server and processed.

In order to optimize online advertising, the ad impressions and banners can be dynamically controlled on a time-dependent and user-specific basis using banner management. This includes, for example, how often a visitor may see a banner, the frequency cap, or that different banner ads are displayed, the ad rotation. In addition, the banner can be target group-specific and is only displayed when a certain topic is called up and a special keyword appears within a text. In this case, it is called contextual advertising. On the other hand, it is also possible to determine the user's regional affiliation on the basis of the access provider's dial-up node and to display advertising from regional providers accordingly. In this case, we are talking about geotargeting.

Ad server evaluation of the click rate

Ad server evaluation of the click rate

With the user-oriented and optimized display of online advertising, the advertising industry aims at efficient and cost-optimized advertising control. For example, user profiles are derived from the clickstreams and a corresponding offer is displayed. In addition, the language in which the advertising is displayed can be derived from the domain name.

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