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conference call (ISDN, GSM) (CONF)

The term conference call(CC) is used both in digital networks, where it is a classic service feature, and in port connections and IP-basedInternet telephony.

  1. As a feature of digital telecommunication networks, a Conference Call(CONF) offers the possibility to connect several participants (up to 10) in a conference call. Participants can be connected to an active conference, but can also be disconnected again. The conference participants are informed about the switching on and off of individual participants by a Call ProgressMessage ( CPG). In addition, individual participants can also be temporarily isolated, which is indicated by the CPG message with "Isolated".
  2. A conference call is also a type of connection in which a group of three or more ports are connected together. It is designed so that any port in the group can communicate with all other ports.
  3. Video conferencing system, photo:

    Video conferencing system, photo:

  4. Videoconferences and real-time presentations can also be carried out in IP multicast as a web conference. Technically, the transmission takes place in real time without intermediate storage. The information is exchanged between the computers of the participants.
  5. In a terminal conference circuit, one or more additional terminals can be connected in parallel. The connected terminals of such a connection can then only receive the data arriving from the computer. In case of different terminal speeds, the terminal with the lowest data rate determines the information flow with the help of flow control.
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