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cost per lead (advertising) (CPL)

Costs per lead(CPL) is a billing model foronline advertising, comparable to costs per action( CPA). Costs per lead is about turning an unknown viewer into a potential prospect.

Leads are defined as detailed prospect information beyond name, company, and address.

Cost-per-X models of online advertising

Cost-per-X models of online advertising

The goal of cost-per-lead oriented advertising is to provide the advertiser with as much detailed information about the prospect as possible. All measures for generating inquiries serve to reduce the company's internal costs for corresponding research and to present a potential contact person to the sales or marketing department. In capital goods advertising, the technique of lead generation is applied, for example, to webcasts or to information-intensifying print media such as white papers. You can only participate in such a free webcast if you have filled out a comprehensive lead beforehand.

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