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standardization committees

Standardization bodies are organizations that issue recommendations. In the field of telecommunications, there are various institutions for this purpose: Worldwide it is CCITT( Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique), Europe-wide CEPT (Conférence Européenne des Administrations des Postes et Télécommunications) and for Germany nationally Telekom.

However, recommendations are also being developed by a number of research institutions. In the area of LANs, the IEEE Working Group802 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is particularly worthy of mention.

Organizations that publish legally binding standards are ISO at the global level, the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC) and Comité Europeen de Normalisation( CEN) at the European level, and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) at the national level in Germany.(DIN), in the USA the American National Standards Institute( ANSI) and in Great Britain the British Standards Institution( BSI).

National and international working groups

National and international working groups

An international standard always takes precedence over a national solution. Furthermore, there is a wide range of cooperation between the national and international and between the standard-setting and the advisory and recommending members of the national and international standardization scene. Public authorities are represented in all these bodies, as are users and manufacturers.

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