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electronic publishing (ePublishing)

E-publishing is electronic publishing. Electronic publishing involves writing, formatting or typesetting, publishing and distributing information electronically. It can be the creation of a newsletter, or an electronic magazine, an eZine, an electronic information service, an electronic data sheet or an e-mail.

The texts created by the author and captured and edited by the editor have a document format (*.doc) or one with change tracking (*.docx). This file format is converted into an XML format and then into an HTML format or an EPUB format for the end user and for e-books. The XML format is also used to generate the Portable Document Format( PDF) for downloads or attachments.

Electronic publishing is supported by some file formats. For example, documents are most often created in PDF file format and sent as attachments to e-mails or can be downloaded from websites. For the creation of e-books, there is the older OEB format, which has been superseded by the EPUB format, for electronic publishing. The EPUB format can dynamically adapt the content to the display size.

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