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management information system (MIS)

A management information system (MIS) is a computer-based information system within a company. In such a system, information from all departments is integrated, which is then available to the management for their analyses, problem solving and the decision-making process.

The term management information system dates back to the 1960s and stands for the totality of information processing systems in companies, the Executive Information System( EIS). Later, in the 90s, the classic tasks such as order entry, invoicing, inventory management and budgeting were supplemented with better services and customer proximity. It was about controlling operational business processes through Enterprise Resource Planning( ERP), about organizing value chains that could be managed and controlled informationally and logistically through Supply Chain Management( SCM), and about sales and advertising activities through Sales Force Automation( SFA).

The current approach to management information systems is even broader and includes systems that support decision-making, decision support systems( DSS), project management, and database query systems, among others. The migration of management information systems is moving into data warehouses.

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