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radiation (R)

Radiation (R) is a very complex and extensive field of knowledge, which is why only electromagnetic and electrostatic radiation are discussed in the context of ITWissen.

In general, radiation is a physical form of energy that is used for transmission in all variants of radio technology. However, it can also occur as a compromising emission or cause damage to health.

Ininformation technology, there are many devices and components that require an oscillator to function and therefore emit radiation alone. This starts with cell phones, scratch radio and television and includes all radio technologies such as WiMAX, WLANs, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, RFID, satellite communication or directional radio. Passive components such as RF connectors, high- frequency cables or microstrips can also emit electromagnetic waves. The question of the frequency and field strength at which damage to health occurs is not the subject of these explanations, since thousands of expert exposés have already been prepared on this subject. It is certain that higher frequency bands cause stronger tissue changes than others. As an example, the ISM band with 2.5 GHz, in which the resonance frequency of water falls, is mentioned here.

We are also talking about electrostatic radiation, electromagnetic fields from cathode ray tubes, which can cause damage to health. These are specified in the TCO guidelines and the values for MPR radiation. For example, at a distance of 50 cm from the screen surface, the field strength may not exceed 25 V/m in the frequency range between 5 Hz and 2 kHz, and 2.5 V/m in the frequency range up to 400 kHz.

Another radiation aspect is compromising radiation, which affects emission security and is used for unauthorized eavesdropping on information. We are talking about compromising emission(KEM) which is used for eavesdropping on devices, cables and especially screens. These eavesdropping techniques are called Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard, or Tempest for short.

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