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remote patient monitoring (telehealth) (RPM)

Remote patient monitoring ( RPM) is part of electronic health care, eHealth. It is a technique of telemedicine, telemonitoring, home health, telehealth or mHealth in which the patient can be cared for and his health data monitored in his familiar environment.

Remote patient monitoring involves the monitoring of physiological data. This includes vital signs, weight, blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, patient monitoring can measure blood sugar, body temperature and other specific medical data. The patients' health data are recorded with medical wearables or medical devices, collected and transmitted electronically to a central evaluation center, taking data security into account. There, they are stored in a relational database so that the physician can evaluate the data in light of the patient's electronic medical records and develop recommendations for the patient.

Remote patient monitoring via telemonitoring prevents complications and reduces personnel costs for medical staff. The patient feels safe in that he knows his health values are being monitored regularly.

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