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search engine advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising (SEA) is optimized online advertising on search engines. Optimization here refers to the targeted placement of advertising on the results pages( SERP) that has the highest relevance with the services or products offered, as is the case with keyword targeting.

The best-known form of search engine advertising is called AdWords at Google, which are text ads that thematically form a direct link to the content of the website. These online ads, known as Paid Placement, are displayed in the Paid Listing or Sponsored Listing area after a bidding process. In addition to topic-relevant text ads, there are other forms of advertising in search engine advertising, such as banners or skyscrapers.

AdWords on Google

AdWords on Google

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is always a combination of search engine advertising and search engine optimization( SEO). It is a mix of relevant keywords, billing models, position optimization and budgeting. In search engine advertising, billing can be based on costs per click( CPC), cost per order( CPO) or another cost-based billing method. Even with the smallest budgets, tests can be conducted to determine the optimal keywords, most efficient text, or best positioning, as well as demographic and geographic targeting. The results of search engine advertising are presented in detailed reports, from which the advertiser can determine the total cost, the cost per click or per order, and the return on investment, and manage online advertising accordingly.

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