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security service

Security services are designed to fend off attacks. These are technology-independent security measures that are precisely defined by their performance characteristics and are integrated into the layered structure of the security architecture. The five primary security services confidentiality, integrity, authentication, access control and irrevocability are realized by security mechanisms.

In addition to the aforementioned security services, there are others that are more detailed, such as message integrity or proof of communication. Each security service is based on one or more security mechanisms.

One security service is confidentiality, which ensures that only authorized people can access relevant information. It protects against passive attacks and thus against unauthorized reading of transmitted messages and stored information. In the case of active attacks, the focus is on the modification of the information and the resulting reaction of the recipient. Confidentiality is based on the security mechanisms of encryption and integrity.

The data integrity security servicechecksdata integrity and indicates whether data streams have been altered, manipulated, modified, deleted or swapped.

Another security service is access control, which uses appropriate mechanisms to limit as far as possible the possibilities of unauthorized access to programs and data. Confidentiality ensures that information is only accessible to authorized persons. Authentication of the communication partner and the origin of the messages, proof of recipient and proof of copyright are further security-relevant services.

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