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digital recording formats

Digital video produces much higher volumes of data than classic analog video. Therefore, new, more powerful recording formats had to be developed for recording digital video.

In 1987, Bosch/Sony introduced the first recording format for digital video, the D1 format. This format was adapted to the digital sampling standard according to the ITU file formatBT.601 and established as an international standard.

It was followed two years later by the improved D2 format, with a narrower track width, developed by Ampex and Sony. The D3 format, developed by Panasonic is based on a ½" magnetic tape, as is the D5 format, developed by the same company. Bosch and Toshiba finally introduced the D6 format in 1994, completing the development with a maximum storage capacity of 4.23 Tbit. There are also DigitalBetacam, the DCT format and several DV formats.

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