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Tagging stands for labeling and marking, it is the application of tags or markups. Ininformation technology, the term tagging occurs in the marking of websites, the highlighting of information as in tag clouds or e-book pages; but tagging techniques are also used in software, databases, location, VLANs, and communications and mobile technology.

  1. On the Internet, tagging simplifies the search and retrieval of websites and web pages, of information or services. In this process, the corresponding pages are marked, for example, by one or more keywords, key terms, or metadata. Social tagging also uses keywords to describe content. In this process, content is assigned keywords that make it easier to search for information.
  2. In communication technology and data packet switching technology, tagging is used to mark data packets to ensure the correct order of data packets. In label switching, tagging is also about marking IP datagrams with labels and forwarding the datagrams. In virtual LANs, VLANs, VLAN tagging is a method for marking VLAN information within Ethernet frames and for setting priorities.
  3. In mobile communications, there is mobile tagging, where printed 2D codes are scanned with a smartphone. The scanned and decoded 2D codes contain the Internet address and lead the viewer directly to the desired information or product. And in location and photography, geographic data can be assigned to photos or videos. This is known as geotagging. This is geocoding with which geographic data is referenced and assigned to photos, videos or other data.
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