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  1. An array is an arrangement of digits, texts, function blocks, connector pins or hardware elements structured in rows and columns. Such an arrangement can be used for a dataset, as well as for sockets, memory elements on a memory chip, memory units as for example with the Solid State Array( SSA), All-Flash-Array( AFA), Disk-Array or Tape-Array but also with microprocessors as with the vector computers.
  2. In programming, an array is a data structure that has a certain hierarchical structure and whose data values have the same data type. The structure can be executed for example in rows, columns or tables, which can be called by the row and column numbers.
  3. In acoustics, an array is an arrangement of several loudspeaker boxes. These are arranged close to each other and have different radiation angles. However, they can influence each other and create unwanted interference. Therefore, the installation location should be selected according to the manufacturer's instructions. This also applies to subwoofers.
  4. In antenna technology, we speak of antenna arrays. These are antennas arranged in a matrix to ensure good bundling of the electromagnetic waves.
    Antenna array with 64 antennas, photo:

    Antenna array with 64 antennas, photo:

    This can be a large number of individual antennas connected to each other to form a multi-antenna system, which can also be controlled individually and thus change the radiation characteristics. An example of such an antenna array is the phased array antenna.
  5. In circuit technology, an array is an arrangement of passive components that are placed together in a package. For example, a resistor array contains a group of individual resistors that may be connected together. Such an array may include the same or different resistor values. In circuit terms, the individual resistors are interconnected in the circuit. The same applies to capacitor arrays or diode arrays. Resistor, capacitor and diode arrays are designed as single in- line packages( SIP) or dual in-line packages( DIP).
  6. Resistor array as SIP, photo:

    Resistor array as SIP, photo:

  7. In storage technology, a storage array is an arrangement of storage components. These can be hard disks from which a disk array is formed, or solid state drives( SSD) from which a solid state array (SSA) or all-flash array (AFA) is formed. There are also hybrid storage arrays consisting of hard disk drives( HDD) and solid state drives (SSD).
  8. LED arrays, photo:

    LED arrays, photo:

  9. LED ar rays are used in lighting technology to increase brightness, improve color temperature and provide better cooling. LED arrays consist of several light-emitting diodes arranged in a rectangular, square or round shape and a certain pattern. They can consist of several LEDs with different color temperature and each one can be controlled in its color temperature.
  10. And in automotive technology, it's all about microlens arrays, which are replacing classic headlight technology. They have a much smaller installation depth and provide better road illumination.
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